Commercial law, property law


Our well-established and skilled team enables us to provide you with a fully integrated and efficient service, tailored to meet your requirements. We are proud to be on the FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank bond registration panels.

Our property law services include:
  • Buying and selling of immovable property
  • Valuations of property, i.e for deceased estate purposes
  • Drafting and perusal of lease agreements and notarial contracts
  • Drafting and perusal of purchase agreements, JV’s and development contracts
  • Registration of transfers, including sectional title schemes, developments and townships
  • Registration of bonds, including sectional title and commercial bonds
  • Rezoning, consolidation and subdivision of land, including opening of township schemes, sectional title schemes and the like.
  • All other aspects of conveyancing and transfer
Thys Lourens and Daantjie Malan, our expert team of specialist lawyers are awaiting your call to deal with any type of property law, valuations as well as notarial and other real estate issues.
Naamskending of Laster
June 2017
‘n Persoon maak homself skuldig aan naamskending waneer hy iemand se naam en eer skade aan doen deur verkeerde of vals inligting aan die publiek of 'n derde party te publiseer. Die eiser hoef slegs te bewys dat die opmerking prima facie op ‘n skending van sy reputasie neerkom en dat dit gepubliseer is.

The Non-Compete Clause
May 2017
It is common practice for purchasers to include, as part of an agreement for the sale of a business, a clause that prevents the seller from operating a similar business within a specified radius or within a specified time frame from the business that was sold. However, the purchaser should tread lightly when inserting a non-compete clause, as it might not necessarily be enforceable.

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